Hip Hinging

As golfers, it is crucial that we be able to produce a good hip hinge. A hip hinge is the position we need to get in while addressing the ball where our hips push back, knees slightly bend, and we maintain a straight, neutral spine. This move is not a squat where your knees and hips move in equal amounts and your body moves closer to the ground. A hip hinge is actually a horizontal move, where your hips move forward and backwards.

These hip hinges with a stick will help you check your own posture when setting up in your swing. Can you maintain 3 points of contact with the club; back of the head, between the shoulder blades, and your tailbone? Do you lose contact at one or two of these points. This can be a great way to see what area(s) of your body might be limiting your posture when setting up to swing the club.

If we have limitations in our posture at address, everything else that follows will have to involve compensations to help us try and produce rotation and stay on plane. Our set up posture is one of the few things we truly have control of in our swing, including ball position, stance, and grip. Any change in one of all of these, and the swing as a whole will be affected. Posture depends greatly on being able to produce an effortless hip hinge so it is crucial to know where you stand in your ability to simply push your hips back with a straight spine.

Try this drill out and then follow it up without the stick to see how you stack up when standing over the ball. Try 2-3 sets of 5 reps with the club on your back, and then try and transition to the same move without the club.


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