Hug' n' Turn

Hug’n’turn is a great stretch to take to the golf course. Do 5-8 reps (each side) every 4-6 holes. This is a movement that will open your thoracic spine, stretch your chest, and even open your hips. Your thoracic spine is the segment of your spine that your ribs are attached to. When your thoracic spine moves well, you can make great rotation and get into a leveraged position in your backswing and powerfully coil against your trail hip to store energy that you can put into the ball. When your thoracic spine moves well, it takes pressure off of your lumbar spine, shoulders, and neck. Limitations in thoracic mobility can lead to a variety of swing characteristics like Over the Top, Flying Elbow, Reverse Spine angle, and Flat Shoulder Plane.


If you were to only do two stretches on the course, this would a be great choice. Pair it with the half kneeling hip flexor stretch and you have a quick and efficient way expose your body to some important mobility that you needs for an efficient and powerful swing.


½ kneeling Hug’n’Turn

  • Start in the half kneeling position. One knee down, one knee forward so you have 90degree angles in your ankles, knees, and hips.
  • If you have your right knee forward, you will place your right fist on the floor next to the arch of your right foot.
  • Hug your right leg with your left arm, with the intention of touching your right rib cage.
  • Then, make a big left turn. Turn your head and chest. Reach for the ceiling.
  • Think of making a straight line from your finger tips of your left hand to the fist in your right hand.
  • Return to the ‘hug’ position and complete the number of repetitions prescribed. There will be some balance required here, and it is not unusual to get some hip stretch too.

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