Shoulder Dislocates

Dislocates, they have an intimidating name, but they are one of our favorite shoulder movements.We do these every day, especially if we are doing overhead pressing or pullups. This is a great movement to open your chest and shoulders after sitting at the computer for a little while. For us golfers, shoulder dislocates will stretch your chest musculature, biceps, and forearms all in one shot, while also taking the shoulder joint through external rotation. But, what does that mean for golf? It means that this is a great movement to help you get into a great position at the top of your backswing.


  • First, remember that you are not actually dislocating your shoulder. This is borrowed from gymnastics. Gymnasts use this movement to open their shoulders and prepare their body for the incredible events that they do.
  • A driver is a great tool for this, a broom stick also works.
  • Stand feet shoulder width. Place your hands as far apart as possible on your driver.
  • Start with the shaft across your hips, hands closed, and elbows straight.
  • Slowly  raise the club overhead and then behind you until the shaft is directly behind your shoulders.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat for reps.
  • If this is too easy you can narrow your grip width slightly. The goal is not to keep narrowing your grip. Just find a grip that gives you a nice stretch through your chest, biceps, shoulders, and forearms.

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