Split Squats

You may have just spent all day sitting at your desk, or maybe you’ve spent the past few minute stretching out your quads and hip flexors to get ready for a round of golf, or to get ready for the gym. Either way, Split Squats are a crest way to open your hips, activate your flutes, and focus on your balance.

Yes, these are best served up after some time spent in a Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch (see last post), but can be used on their own to open the fronts of your hips and legs so you produce better hip extension - and better hip extension leads to more power and more distance. These also compliment hip flexor stretching so well because they can be loaded. If you grab a kettlebell or dumbbell you can strengthen your glutes and quads which will help you produce more force I to the ground which will ultimately transfer more power into the ball.

Lastly, the narrow base of support will challenge your balance which can help prevent lateral movement in your swing. Adding some weight will challenge this more.

2-4 sets of 8 each
-Start standing with your feet together
-Step forward 18” -24” with your right foot, this known as split stance
-If you need a golf club or counter top for balance, please use it
-Drop your left knee down to the ground while maintaining an upright torso
-If you cannot keep your torso vertical, do not touch your knee to the ground
-Press through both feet and return to standing in a split stance with both knees straight

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