Golf Club Halos

Halos feel amazing. They take your shoulder through some big range of motion and they travel well to the golf course. Before a round or even throughout your round, these are awesome, not only for articulating your shoulder joints, but for stretching your chest, biceps, forearms, and wrists. Halos will require you to create extension through your thoracic spine - that part of the spine that your ribs attach to, which mostly sits between your shoulder blades. The flexibility in your shoulders and chest, and the extension in your spine are needed to produce a better shoulder turn into your backswing and in your follow through. Good extension in your mid-back can also help you maintain better posture throughout your swing.

Make sure to keep your lower back stable, so you are not arching your lumbar spine. Like the golf swing, halos take your shoulders through internal and external rotation. If your shoulders and chest are tight/restricted, use a longer club and use a wide grip. A 2-hybrid or 5-wood tends to be the right length for most people. Halos can also be done with a kettlebell, but the circles become much tighter. Remember to keep your head stable.

  • Hold a golf club shoulder width apart.
  • Move the club around your head in one direction and then reverse and go the other way. Keep alternating sides for the specified number of reps.
  • As you rotate the club around your body, your arms will straighten and bend to get the club around.
  • Keep your torso and head stable.

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