Tactical Frog

Tactical Frog

  • 3-4 sets of 60 second holds
  • Set up into quadruped. Separate your knees so they are outside of your hips.
  • Lower yourself down onto your forearms.
  • Position your feet so they are lined up behind each knee.
  • Turn your feet out so the insides of your feet are flat on the floor.
  • Rock your hips backwards. Push yourself as far back as you can without rounding your spine.
  • Shift forward to return to your starting position (shoulders over your forearms).
  • Tactical Frog is always interesting if you have tight hips, if you don’t feel anything just keep widening your knees until you do;)

Tactical Frog is a great stretch to open your hips and ankles. In this position you are essential working on the bottom position of your squat, just without the requirements of stabilizing your body on your feet, against gravity. Tactical Frog can help you to find more range of motion in your squat. Squatting is very beneficial to your golf swing (click here to see how). This range of motion requires external hip rotation. In your backswing your trail hip internally rotates while your lead hip externally rotates. In your downswing your lead hip internally rotates while your trail hip externally rotates. Mobile hips that can produce rotation will help to prevent excessive lateral movement in your swing. Sway is excessive lateral lower body movement in your backswing. Slide is excessive lateral lower body movement into your down swing. If you have excessive lateral motion either direction, you will struggle to put the clubface square on the ball consistently.

The human body is very smart, it will always find a way to do what you want it to do, even to its own detriment. If you are missing hip rotation, you are still going to hit the ball but you will likely do it with lateral lower body movement, which also puts unnecessary stress on your lower back. Pain, discomfort, or tightness in the lower back can be the result of tight/immobile hips. If your hips are tight your body will use the segment above or below to find movement. And, often times when you have pain in a certain part of your body, that part is usually an innocent victim of another portion of the body not doing its job. Your lower back should be a stabile segment in your golf swing, you hips should be mobile. But, when your hips are tight the most common compensation is to recruit the lower back as a mobile segment. Use Tactical Frog to open your hips and protect your back.

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You are probably wondering how this stretch got ‘Tactical’ added to its name. We have the kettlebell community to thank for that. Yes, you can just call it Frog stretch but, what makes it tactical? Nothing. I think it was a bit more of a joke in the kettlebell community and it just kind of stuck. A tactical pull-up however,  is a pullup done with an overhand thumbless grip. Meaning your wrap your thumb over the bar instead of around the bar. First responders, law enforcement, and the military (all classified as tactical athletes) are better off building pulling strength in a way that would mimic the situations they will find themselves in. Pull-ups with an overhand thumbless grip puts the hand in a position that is more common in the field e.g. pulling yourself up over a wall or in through a window you don’t get to wrap your thumb around a bar to pull-up.

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