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What do you do to get warmed up for you round of golf? If you roll out of the car, pile your wedges together into a heavy wad of steel and swing them around, do some toe touches, and then hope your first ball isn’t a ‘breakfast ball’; then you need this. If you have a plan for stretching and a whole ‘warm-up’ routine that you do for every round of golf you play then this will streamline and make your ‘warm-up’ more efficient. First, let’s redefine warm-up. This is movement preparation. A ‘warm-up’ sounds so 1982 red polyester track suit. Sure there is going to be some stretchy stuff and you are going to increase your body temperature, but let’s think performance. What movements are you going to do to prepare your body to perform to your potential? What movements do you need to get your body ready for golf? Wouldn’t you like to do movement prep that will sharpen your nervous system, making it ready to rotate and explode.

What if you had a plan to prepare you body for a round of golf so that first tee shot feels connected and powerful, as opposed to tight and restricted?

What if you had 2 key movements to do every 3 or 4 holes to keep your body moving well and performing your golf swing without compensation? Remember that what you did to prepare you body prior to teeing off could be a good 2-2.5 hours ago by the time you finish the front nine. This program will give you simple movements to do while you are waiting on the tee to keep your back feeling free and comfortable and to unwind some of the tension that builds up over the course of a round. Golf is an explosive asymmetrical movement. A little bit of love and care for your body during a round can not only help you move better and make fewer compensations due to the accumulation of fatigue, but it can help you finish stronger.

Now, imagine having a plan for restoring muscle length after your round. You know unwinding your back, unlocking your hips, opening your chest and shoulders to relax your neck. What if this only took 10 minutes with no or minimal equipment? Imagine how good you will feel after restoring symmetry and length to all of your muscles. How can you expect to perform on the golf course if you don’t take care of your most valuable piece of equipment (your body) before, during, and after you play? If you are stiff and tight this is the place to start to change that. If you are young and limber; this is an investment in your future to stay flexible and move well as you age.

Each week The Daily Habit will give you:

Exercises and movements to improve flexibility before you play

Two key stretches and muscle activation techniques to keep you moving well during your round

An efficient post round movement restoration session.

20 minute Daily flexibility, mobility, and muscle activation program for you to do everyday to improve how you move not only in the golf swing but in life.

A new program each week to expose you to new movements and keep your brain and body  learning.

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