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Welcome to Forged Golf Performance, your solution to improving how your body moves to hit the ball farther, reduce your risk of injury, finish your round strong, and to be able to make swing changes without your body being the limiting factor. The Daily Habit will give you a movement practice that will improve your mobility, flexibility, and stability. The Rotational Strength program will give you everything you could ever need to create a better turn and build golf specific strength. Forged Flexibility will help you recover faster and keep you healthy, so you can play more golf. Our strength programs are world class, you will not find anything else in the golf world that measures up to them. 

There is a lifetime of content here for your consumption, which is good because golf is a lifelong endeavor. Forged was born to add massive value to your life. Whether you start with The Daily Habit, Forged Flexibility, The Getup for Golf, or Supple Shoulders, or you are jumping into Rotational Strength, everything here is an investment in your body and golf performance. Remember that your body is the one piece of equipment that you can be improving on a daily basis. You are a golfer, but you are also an athlete. It is time to start taking care of your body like one.

Dr. Mike Scott and Chris Hook are the dynamic duo behind Forged. These guys have spent years working with golfers of all ability and experience levels. Men, women, and juniors just like you. They love the game of golf. They believe that movement is medicine and they know that stronger is always better. With the belief that strength, flexibility, and mobility are skills just like your golf swing, they bring a sustainable and intelligent approach to performance that will forge you into the player you want to be.

Dr. Mike Scott

Mike is a doctor of physical therapy. He brings the perspective of the clinician to the table to help you improve your movement patterns, but understands that strength ties into movement resiliency. Mike has a deep knowledge of how the human body needs to work to play better golf and live a better life. It is not common to find a physical therapist that can bridge the gap between strength, injury prevention, and performance as it all relates to golf. However, Mike's experience and ability to communicate human movement principles allows him to help people have a better understanding of their own bodies and what they need to do to perform and feel their best.

Chris Hook

Chris is a golf strength coach, record holding powerlifter, and a truly rare person in the world of golf. He has a deep understanding of golf instruction, the golf swing, strength training, and human biomechanics. He has an uncanny ability to simplify golf strength training in a way that makes it possible for you to make huge strength gains while making the greatest impact on your ability to perform the golf swing efficiently. With a keen eye for detail and an endless ability and to solve problems with creative solutions, Chris is always looking to find a better way for just about everything.