Build a Better Golf Body

This book is designed to help you create better movement strategies with less pain. It is no secret that most people rarely move well as humans, never mind swinging a golf club at speeds of 90, 100, or 110 plus miles per hour. Foundations of the Golf Body is not a program or a system. The included exercises have been curated through years of trial and error, with many clients presenting with every conceivable swing characteristic. Foundations of the Golf Body is a resource for you to better understand your body and the golf swing, and how they can influence each other. We suggest finding your main swing faults and trying the included drills to address those faults first. Improve the way you move, then improve your swing.

Foundations of the Golf Body is not intended to treat or diagnose any specific medical condition(s). In the following chapters, a basic understanding of athletic movements will be established, as well as certain drills, exercises, and stretches you can use to address physical limitations of your body that may be impacting your swing. These sections will provide you a solid foundation of movement that will prepare your body and mind for more intense training. Finally, Foundations of the Golf Body needs to be used in conjunction with swing coaching for optimal results. We're giving you the car, but it's up to you to learn how to drive.

Each group of exercises also provides you with an explanation of which swing characteristics might change from performing those drills. Remember, all the reading in the world cannot replace proper hands-on training. If you have questions about any of the exercises contained within Foundations of the Golf Body, find a local professional that can appropriately assess and prescribe proper exercises to address your limitations.

Lastly, we strongly feel that Foundations of the Golf Body has been written to provide everyone of varying fitness and golfing abilities with important take-aways. There are some who will read this and it will be a great introduction to a golf fitness program, and others will find it to be a great resource in conjunction with their current training program. Regardless of your fitness level, Foundations of the Golf Swing will provide you with a great understanding of the requirements of your body during the swing. At the same time, it will illuminate physical characteristics of your swing that can be improved by moving better as an athlete, and then give you some basic tools to get you on your way.


Lastly, we use these exercises every day. We use them with our physical therapy clients, and we use them with our personal training clients. We do not have time for things that do not work and neither do our clients. Everyone we work with expects changes, and fast, so we have to shoot to kill. Combined with a proper assessment, appropriately prescribed exercises can have a profound impact on people’s movement in a relatively short period of time.