Forged Flexibility

$9.99 for Kindle or the Kindle app

($9.99 for Kindle or the Kindle app)

This product was born out of necessity. There are endless offerings of foam rollers, stretching straps, massage balls and sticks, and other brightly colored tools out there on the internet. But what do you do with them and when and how should you use them? How do they even work? Should I do static stretching, do I need a 3’ foam roller, or a lacrosse ball? Before you know it, you own a bunch of products that you know how to do only a couple of obvious things with. So, let’s get a clear picture of how to use these tools, when to use them, and how they work. When you have an understanding of what you’re doing you can get more out of your efforts. It’s like trying to shape a golf shot for the first time without any guidance; you’re basically just experimenting. In your bag there is an awesome textured foam roll, a lacrosse ball, a peanut (the double ball thing), a stretching band, and a massage stick. All of these tools are very useful. You are going to learn how they can help you perform and recover better from golf, not to mention how to restore function from sitting and living in our modern society. All of these tools should look familiar.

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