Supple Shoulders for Golf

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If you are ready to change how you move to unlock your potential, this is for you. Here is a short list of some of the benefits of Supple Shoulders:


  • Time efficient biggest bang for your buck exercises, no fluff, just the essentials.
  • All you need is 20 minutes 3 times a week for 8 weeks and a 5iron.
  • Repeat the program to continue to improve your shoulder mobility and stability
  • Learn how dysfunction in the shoulder and thoracic spine can affect your golf swing
  • Includes paradigm shifting concepts about golf, exercise, and performance delivered by a physical therapist and golf strength coach.
  • You can do all of the exercises at home or on the road.
  • This program is for everyone, you need no gym experience, just a desire to move better for golf.
  • Each week you will have a new exercise to take with you on the golf course to use throughout your round to keep you open and moving well to play your best.
  • This program will prepare you for Bulletproof Shoulders so you can continue to build upper body mobility, stability, and strength for golf performance.
  • It’s super affordable, we have absolutely over delivered with this program.


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Imagine making a full turn into your backswing with your hands and clubhead high in a position of leverage and power; with your energy coiled in your torso ready to unload, on plane into the ball. There is no lift and chop across the ball. Your contact compresses the ball and you are able to release your hands and arms through impact into a full finish. Your playing partners can hear the ball cut through the air as it leaves the tee box. Imagine how it would feel being able to make changes to your swing without your shoulder and thoracic spine limiting your potential. If you need more rotation and want to be able to move with power and fluidity in your golf swing, this program will put you on the path to not only reducing the likelihood of injury but also to reducing swing faults and making it easier to make positive changes to your swing. Do you want more distance? This program will improve your range of motion and flexibility so you can express more power.

By purchasing the Supple Shoulder, you are agreeing to have us send your program directly to your inbox via 3 emails a week through an automated email service. Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be processed and your initial week of programming will be sent out the Sunday following your purchase. We will email you a PDF version of the Supple Shoulder e-book to read through while you wait for your first week’s program.