The Getup for Golf

($4.99 for the Kindle App)

The Get Up (GU) is the most golf-specific exercise that we know of. No other drill or exercise that you perform can come close to addressing the amount of swing characteristics. Need shoulder control or stability? It does that. What about hip mobility? It does that too. Balance, linkage, coordination, hip mobility and stability, shoulder mobility and stability, thoracic spine mobility, and separation are just some of the qualities that the GU addresses. 


  • Build bulletproof shoulders 
  • Teach you how to create linkage 
  • Open your hips, ankles, thoracic and cervical spines 
  • Require you to think your way through the movement 
  • Expose your weakness 
  • Restore symmetry 
  • Teach body awareness

For centuries, a small portion of the strength community has been performing GUs as a feat of strength. It's a simple task, Lay on your back, stand up with this weight, and get back down. Sounds simple, but definitely not easy. The GU can tax your endurance, teach you how to get your arms above your head without pain, open your hips for a better turn towards the target, and even mobilize your ankles.

Recently, GUs have been working their way into the mainstream. Fitness videos are plastered all over the internet of people doing GUs with various implements. But an effective and safe GU can be performed with just your body weight or even a shoe. A well done GU should be deliberate and graceful. It incorporates reaching, rolling, separating the upper and lower body, Scapular stability, cervical mobility, thoracic mobility, trunk stability, stepping pattern, hip hinging, and grip strength just to mention a few benefits. It is a movement that can help restore left and right symmetry to the body. This is an important benefit to golfers because the golf swing is a repetitive and violent asymmetrical movement. It is easy to see how the GU has carryover into the golf swing. Included in this e-book is a breakdown of the Getup, how each phase of the exercise applies to the swing, and an easy to follow 12 week program to help you incorporate the GU into your training regimen.  The Getup is a skill of strength that can be honed for a lifetime, and with this e-book you will have a resource to continue to help you achieve this.