Rotational Strength Complete Package
Rotational Strength Complete Package
Rotational Strength Complete Package
Rotational Strength Complete Package

Rotational Strength Complete Package

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With your purchase of the 91 page Rotational Strength E-book, you will also receive the Rotational Strength Kit which allows you to travel almost anywhere and work on your strength. Included in the Rotational Strength Kit you will get:

  • 91 page Rotational Strength E-book
  • 8 Week Program
  • Collapsable Cook Bar
  • 1 light resistance band
  • 1 medium resistance band
  • 1 heavy resistance band
  • 2 handles
  • 1 door anchor
  • Carrying case

Imagine hitting longer shots off the tee and having shorter wedges into the green. Imaging being able to out drive your friends, feel great, and play more rounds of golf. Now imagine that there is a great, golf-specific workout that you can do almost anywhere that can help you achieve all these goal. There's no need to imagine anymore. 

Rotational Strength is an 8 week program giving you the ability to improve the way your body moves and feels, increase your strength, and elevate your power production. But Rotational Strength is really much more. It is a 91 page book containing information that will help you understand your body and how to optimize its rotational strength. Included you will find extensive progressions of exercises you can do at home, the gym, or even in your hotel room.

By purchasing Rotational Strength and The Rotational Strength Kit, you are opening up your options to train whenever, and wherever you like! The Rotational Strength Kit allows you to perform the entire program at your house, at the gym, or even in your hotel room when traveling.

Most weeks have three days of training, but this program is pretty flexible. You can train three days in a row, or Monday, Wednesday, Friday; or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. If you need to train back-to-back days, have no fear of over-training. If you want to repeat a couple of the sessions and get 5 days of training, power to you!